Air Pollution - which impacts each and every one of us - is a serious matter that is becoming worse by the year and has an influence on public health across India. Asar has developed a series of explainer videos on a diversity of issues within the air quality ecosystem. Eco-Schools is promoting these videos which are also unbranded, and anybody may use them in their educational programs, campaigns, and other communications projects in a number of contexts to assist new audiences to interact with the issue and take ownership of a problem that may otherwise seem out of reach.


Meet Kanchan, Saira and Raghav. Get on board their journey to learning about #AirPollution, #AQI and more

Why is our PT teacher absent? Worry Kanchan, Saira and Raghav. Is it #AirPollution?

#AirPollution affects even Fernandes sir’s unborn baby? Kanchan, Saira and Raghav discover some scaWillry facts.

How can their film plans also be disrupted by #AirPollution!! Join Kanchan, Saira and Raghav’s on their (mis)adventure!

Kanchan, Saira and Raghav finally decide to take on the #AirPollution monster! Join them in their fight!!

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